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To elevate humans' wellness, self-awareness, and mental ability through connecting to the interuniversal consciousness.

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Mohammad Ali Taheri is an academic entity and a spiritual master for three decades. He is the founder of two medical therapeutic of Faradarmani and Psymentology from Iran.  His methodology and approach have been a source of awareness and realization to countless people seeking wisdom, i.e. Interuniversal Consciousness. He has been awarded six honorary doctorate degrees from different international institutes in regards to his discoveries, including University of Traditional Medicine, Republic of Armenia, International Ecoenergy Academy of Azerbaijan Republic, and International Medical Forum of Russian Federation for the foundation of Complementary and Alternative Medicines of Faradarmani and Psymentology and innovative teachings in medicine. Moreover, He has been awarded gold medals and special cups by different innovation exhibitions and institutes including CGIF 2010 and INNOVA 2010 and was honored as “Officer” at Merits of Invention at Brussels Innova European Innovation award.


Master Taheri has influenced millions of people to connect to Interuniversal Consciousness and walk the path of life with an awareness of purpose and justice for one another. He has thousands of students that helped heal millions of people around the world and this positive effect brought attention to the Iranian Government. They banned his teachings and stopped all scientific research not allowing anyone to pursue his doctrine. In 2011 they arrested Master Taheri and kept him in solitary confinement charging him with false accusations, even threatening his family if they did not cooperate with the Government. He was tortured and tormented for several years and the public was fed fake propaganda to cover their wrong doings.

We focus on integrity, inclusion, awareness, and betterment of individuals as the cell-block of humanity.

Integrity & Inclusion: we believe that each one of us is a cell-block of the humanity. This makes us all connected and related. One’s status is intertwined with the status of all other beings. That is why an inclusive approach is the only approach that is possible to work in the long run.


Awareness: awareness is the key to transition from ignorance to enlightenment. We believe that each one of the human beings is capable of improving their awareness level by connecting to the universal consciousness as well as educating themselves.


Betterment: through inclusion, integrity, and awareness, we become a better version of ourselves both in micro and macro scale.

    Our main focus to implement our core values are as follow:


Equality& Justice ( Human, social and economic), Peace ( reconciliation with yourself, nature, the one and others), respecting Environment and natural order, Unity in Diversity (individuality), encouraging the development of individuality, Healing (connecting to universal consciousness in order to  balance and harmonies our infinite bodies), mindfulness (growth and discovery of our human potential. By connecting to Universal Consciousness we discover new knowledge and wisdom that gradually lead to enlightenment),self-knowledge  ( ongoing self-awareness and self-consciousness), Omnisim (recognition and respect of all religions, beliefs and ideologies ), inter-universalism and Universal consciousness.




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