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Definition of Faradarmani:

Fara=beyond, Darmani=healing (Persian language)

One of the several Halghehs that have been introduced by Master Taheri. Faradarmani itself is a Halgheh that connects the individual to Interuniversal Consciousness with the purpose of wellness.


The purpose of Faradarmani:

Faradarmani® is the way for opening a window toward knowing the intelligence that governs the universe. When connecting your whole existence to Interuniversal Consciousness via Faradarmani, the defected areas will be evaluated by the consciousness and the healing process will begin. Through this experience, the individual will be freed from pointless and futile issues to foresee and understand the grand purpose of creation, which is Kamal. At this time in the history of mankind, we are getting closer to another phase of spiritual advancement as we have entered the era of consciousness. At this stage, humanity can attain a practical acquaintance with the consciousness leading the universe.



Faradarmani was introduced by Master Taheri in the late 1990s in a classroom setting. It is one of the 2 healing subdivisions of Erfan Halgheh. 


How Faradarmani Halgheh works:

This effortless method of healing is simply done by and for one another. When the Faradarmnagar sets a Nazar for another to receive healing, Interuniversal Consciousness instantly responds and the healing process begins.  There is no use of medications, concentration, mantras, symbols, chanting, or anything else. One only needs to be a witness. A witness is one who sets no judgment and simply observes the events and then makes their decision based on what they witness.


Be a Faradarmangar Healer:

Faradarmani is the first course of Erfan Halgheh offered by Interuniversalism. In this course you will get introduced to Interuniversal Consciousness and other basic concepts of Erfan Halgheh. 

After this basic understanding and receiving the appropriate Halgheh, you will be able to start healing yourself and others.





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