Faradarmani® and Psymentology® are two subdivisions of Erfan Halgheh® focusing on wellness of individuals. These two methods connect the individual’s whole existence to the Interuniversal Consciousness. Betterment of the mind, body, and psyche, are some of the results that are achieved through Faradarmani & Psymentology. This allows one to experience life with a clearer vision to follow the path of Kamal.

Both of these methods have helped heal millions of people. Faradarmani & Psymentology are done without the use of any medications, or any physical means. Based on Erfan Halgheh’s teachings, the human alone is not capable of identifying what exactly the disease is because of the innumerous elements within our whole existence. However, connecting to the Interuniversal Consciousness, a scan will take place and the disease will be identified and the betterment process starts. Considering that consciousness is neither matter nor energy, the dimensions of time and space do not apply to it, therefore, Faradarmani & Psymentology can be done from anywhere, anytime, close, or far distances. 

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