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for Psycological and mental wellness

What is Psymentology?

Psychology + Mentology


Psymentology is a subdivision of Erfan Halgheh that helps individuals gain psychological and mental wellness. This healing method aims to recover the human psyche and mental software difficulties through the connection to Interuniversal Consciousness. Human mental and psychological softwares can get affected for many reasons leading to mental, psychological, and psychosomatic disorders. As these human software systems are non-physical, recovering the problems through any physical means does not sound reasonable. When one connects his or her Whole Existence to the Interuniversal Consciousness by using the Halghehs of Psymentology, the mind and psyche can be recovered.


Psymentology® objectives:


- Acquire self-recognition in order to properly locate one’s role within the ecosystem.

- Convey precise definitions, uniting the human’s brilliance, enlightenment and potential.

- Recognize and heal the mental and psychological disorders such as OCD, Schizophrenia, Phobia, Paranoia and etc.

- Adjustment and correction of habits.

- Develop a mind of a holistic psychologist

- Attain the best qualities of:

a.Well being          c. Well doing

b.Well gaining       d. Well thinking



9:00AM to 4:00PM PST






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