I was introduced to Erfan Halgheh by a good friend of mine, after our discussion of a very powerful dream that I had a year before. This was about 4 years ago. At the time, I’ve heard of Erfan Halgheh (Circle of Unity) from various people, but I had no idea what it was about. I was under the impression that it was mostly about healing. I had no major health issues but thankfully my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to start the Erfan Halgheh courses.


To my delightful surprise, I realized Erfan Halgheh is not just about healing. The healing is just the beginning, an introduction to get us introduced to the higher consciousness. At the end of the 10th term, I’ve  realised Erfan Halgheh covers a whole range of subjects and issues such as; equality/Justice( human, social, economic), peace ( reconciliation with yourself, with nature, everything in the universe and above), respecting Environment and natural order, encouraging individuality/freewill, & human potential, Mindfulness in its traditional sense which is about understanding new knowledge and wisdom that gradually leads us to enlightenment, Self-knowledge and self-discovery, recognition and respect of all religions & beliefs/ideologies even atheists with humanist perspective.


I am thankful to my friend for her introduction to Erfan Halgheh and I am hopeful that more people will discover this jewel of wisdom for the greater growth of humanity around the world.

Sarah K.

Birmingham, UK

After being familiar with Master Taheri's teachings and passing the courses, gradually the perception of the universe and all events changed for me and I got the bigger picture of everything, which considerably impacted my feelings & reactions to all the happenings. I realized that we have the ability within us to shine and be purified.

In this regard, connections to the "consciousness" make this process very easy, without requiring anything. I am now a calmer person, full of joy and gratitude. My understanding of the spiritual realm is vastly enhanced and my questions are answered in nice ways and I feel a relief and trust which I never felt before.

Parvin T.

Istanbul, Turkey

In 2014,  I was severely ill with various diseases that required hospitalizations.  I also suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts due to those illnesses.  An "Erfan Halgheh" student started connecting me to divine intelligence. It brought tears to my eyes because the connected feeling made me feel like I was no longer alone like someone somewhere was praying for me even while I was asleep. In reality, the students were working on me with Faradarmani to help alleviate my illnesses.  I cannot thank them enough. Thanks to "Erfan Halgheh", I am no longer depressed, no longer suicidal, and no longer have lung disease. Thank you Ostad Mohammad Ali Taheri, you sacrificed yourself for humanity to understand the truth.

Mona M.

California, US

I was depressed for 13 years and used to drink heavily every night and do drugs occasionally and had a lot of arthritis pain in my neck and lower back and I also was seeking help by going to therapy for eight years but I didn't get many results!! After the first time that I got connected to Divine Intelligence by Ostad Niroomanesh, my body rejected alcohol, my pain was gone in just a couple weeks and I started feeling good for no reason at all!! Just unbelievable!!

Sean S.

California, US

Before knowing about Erfan Halgheh I was very unhappy and disappointed with my life. I was always thinking why I am hardly successful in anything I do, no matter how hard I work. I was blaming God for it and was thinking he does not like me. I was always imagining myself as an innocent human being who tries hard to be good but the universe does not appreciate it. Since I’ve joined Erfan Halgheh, my understanding about life and the purpose of creation has grown. I’ve understood that there is more into creation than this physical life. I have been taught the real meaning of the sin (propagating negative consciousness radiations) and have realized how in sin I was (constantly propagating negative radiations into universe e.g. through ingratitude, criticizing other people, and etc.).  Since then, I am trying to do less negativity by using various connections with the consciousness, gifted to me from Erfan Halgheh. I am now feeling much happier, accepting things more easily and I know that I am the cause of what happens to me. Also the number of times I really get angry has decreased significantly. I am really grateful to Hooshmandi for guiding me to the true Erfan Halgheh and wish more people could get this chance.

Sheen K.

London, UK

Since I was a child, I had always wondered why some people are prosperous while some others are struggling with sickness and pain. I used to always question God’s justice. When I was introduced to Erfan Halgheh, I started to be more self aware.  I realized the pains and problems in my own life and I realized that it is up to how I face the different situations. I am no longer a weak person and I started to use my free will more often. I am no longer waiting to die and I know how to live at this very moment. I owe this to Master Taheri and Master Niroomanesh.

Afsan F.

California, US

I started to be a part of Interuniversalism about two years ago. Back then, I was wishing to die every single night. My daughter was struggling with MS and I was witnessing her suffering. I was also suffering from arthritis and severe depression. As a result of taking high doses medicine, I was experiencing issues with my liver and bile. My depression got better after only a few sessions of the classes. I stopped taking high doses of medicine and I see this as a miracle that changed my life. I am very glad to be a part of this.

Leili M.

California, US

My Name is Shahrzad and I had severe depression and psoriasis arthritis for 9 years. I was on anti-depression medication for seven years. I started connecting to the universal consciousness (Hooshmandi) through Faradarmani Halgheh two and a half years ago. As a result, my depression improved within one month, and only after six weeks, I had no depression at all. I had to do an injection once a week with terrible side effects. Now I reduced it to once every two months. More importantly, my view of life and purpose has changed for the better. I no longer take any medication for depression.

Shahrzad J.

London, UK

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