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Interuniversalism is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focusing on wellness of individuals. Through research, learning, and healing programs we focus on ways to improve individuals' wellness by connecting to the universal consciousness. The organization is based on the 30 year doctrine of Master M.A. Taheri, the great spiritual scientific scholar. Interuniversalism is based on Erfan Halgheh, a cognitive school of thought, which promotes his comprehensive doctrine. In this doctrine, Master Taheri introduces his significant findings, one of which is Interuniversal Consciousness (IC), the network of awareness that governs the universe. His theories have helped bring wellness, awareness, and betterment to millions around the world, establishing unity as the root.


As humanity continues into the age of awareness, a deep understanding and knowledge of the whole universe is essential. By connecting to the IC, individuals can recognize the origin of their obstacle and ultimately resolve those issues. Without a comprehensive awareness, humankind will continue down the misleading path to dwell into the ongoing distractions and disappointments. Human beings are capable of freeing the boundaries of their thoughts from the limitations and releasing themselves from the conflicts of interacting with the pointless or less valuable details.


On the face (physical form), you are the microcosm

But in essence, you are the macrocosm


The windmill never gets to know the purpose of its turning round

That it is the basis of our strength through the baker’s trade

Some water pushes it round, thus it moves some more around

If God cuts the water, he will stand still



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